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“Only if we let our emotions be what they are, we can be who we are!”

CALMDOWNs first EP “Honest” deals with human emotions in its purest forms. Emotions that we tried to keep away from ourselves buy building distancing walls of denial and unacceptance around us. Emptiness, greediness, failure, fury, grief or love: All those feelings that we are not supposed to show openly or that we are afraid of having, because they are opposed to the all efficient pragmatism of our head-controlled and self-masking society. And because they can hurt us. Yet, all those feelings that run through veins and all those failures that might break our hearts, are what makes us human, what makes us individual and what proves us being alive! We need to accept and understand this. Only by this we understand ourselves. Only if we let these emotions be what they are, we can be who we are. Eros is mindchaos.
“Honest” is CALMDOWNs musical translation of letting go and leaning in. The songs – are based in one takes – mirror the unfiltered reality of thoughts, moods and bodily feelings with floating melodies, melancholic vocals and with hints of mindchaos through breakbeats and disharmonic arrangements.

Text: Mihaela Gladovic (freie Journalistin)


released November 28, 2015

Composed , Produced & Directed by Calmdown
All texts written by Calmdown
Mixing by Stelios Vakaloudis and Calmdown
Mastering by The Goldfinger Recordings - Stelios Vakaloudis
Artwork by Igor Verdozzi (Eyegor)

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Contact us: calmdown@gmx.net



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CALMDOWN Berlin, Germany

Elisa - Irini Vidalis (artist name Calmdown - cålɱ↓-)
born in Athens in 1988 and grew up on Tinos Island!
She starts with classical Piano at the age of 7 .
After graduating Piano she moved to Berlin to study Musical Composition , Musical Arrangement and Orchestration .
She showed big interest in Experimental Music and started recording and collecting sounds.
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Track Name: Let me tell you a story
This City makes me fucking crazy . Is so boring is full of shops shops shops and empty pockets . Who is going to buy all of this shit . One thing is sure . The NATURE. The nature will going to take all one day . But not with money . It will take it with water , with storm with earthquakes and then , it will come back to you and ask ''Who is the fucking boss now? Who has the power ?''
Nature said and swallowed everything .
Track Name: Aniretak
Those eyes seem to me so confused .
This little brain is not anymore in normal use .
What are you thinking about you holly beauty ?
What are you thinking about my little butterfly?

Who put that wall in front of you ?
Who took the light away from your eyes ?
Who stole that salty flavour from your mouth and you can taste nothing else than bitterness ?

Open that colourfull wings you use to have and fly
and come here to my places and i ll give you some chocolate and wine then we can walk away to enjoy the sun and the light
then we can walk away and jump in bubble and fly .

Fly , fly , fly , fly
Track Name: Warm Crystal Drops
I have no fear .
I m here to play with my music , your mostly thought , of full of fear thoughts , I m here to relief your pain , while you tryin to write it down , i make it tune.

I make you listen to your senses , what a mistake to thing that i m doing something wrong while i m playing .
What could be wrong with the feelings ?
They are our whole existence , from toes until your little tiniest hair of your damaged hair.

I can make your tears sound like crystal drops , i can describe the sound of your crying , you cannot until you cry.
So is it crying sad if it sounds like crystal drops?

Listen to it , listen to what it tries to tell you .
Something outgorgeous comes out of your body .
High notes on a piano and while your finger – bones crushed them , the start running out .

Warm crystal drops .

What could be wrong with the feelings , they are our whole existence From toes until your little tiniest hair of your damaged hair .

Even if its sadness or happiness , They explode suddenly the start running out from your round shaped part of your face .

Warm Crystal Drops
Warm Crystal Drops

Atonal Tuned
Track Name: Eros is a sweetmotherfucker
Eros is the passion , the feelings you can not describe .
Is a colourful trip but at the same time you feel bad as hell .
You cry without reason , you feel and hear butterflies .
Your mouth has always the taste of an ice – Scream .
When you kiss is so sweet .
Eros is the start love comes after Eros is the start love comes after

(Eros , eros , eros)

Eros is a kinky naughty motherfucker like you
Who smiles while you start getting lost and you follow him without words , without talking up on clouds and he laughs with this smile , full of confidence .
Eros eros Eros is a sweetmother fucker like you
Like you , like you , like you , like you
Is a sweet swet motherfucker like you , like you .
Like you , like Is a sweetmotherfucker like you .

Eros is the start love comes after
Eros is the start love comes after .
Track Name: No Soul , no Party
Life , life ,life is a party

Life is a party anyway ,
Some eating with golden spoons , some others with plastic ones .
How will you revel ?
Will you be the one that grumbles constantly because everything could be better or will you be the one that enjoys and have fun with that what he has ?
Because you know , even the rich one grumbles because he is eating next to a poor .

Don t be a rich pocket , be a rich soul
Because you know life is a party and without soul there is no party at all.
Track Name: Why i sing
I sing because i feel ,
i sing what i want I feel because i sing ,
i feel composed

And i know Yes i know And i know and i know
that i

sing for the moment ,
i sing for a solution
i sing because i have problems ,
i sing just to solve them

Because then x4

I know what i feel
and i know why i sing
and i know what i want
and i know what to solve

I sing because i m free ,
i sing what i can ,
i sing for me and its seems so effective .
I sing for you and i sing for me
and its seems so effective and it feels so relaxing .